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[Ongoing Update] IBC 2011 – EDCF LineUp Announced

IBC Logo 2011

The IBC Mobile App is finally available [the link], for Android and iOS (like, what is left?)

IBC Conferences start on 8 September, exhibitions on the 9th. The Digital Cinema-centric day is on the 12th, though there is one conference on the 11th. The EDCF day of conferences is on the 12th, which is also the last day – exhibitions close at 4PM.

IBC is offering a jillion euros if you can find the exhibition opening and closing times on their site before getting frustrated. All contestants should call the IBC’s Phil Guy. To enter you must offer him a beer by saying, “How about a beer?”

Holy Zeus, I found it: IBC2011 – IBC2011 Exhibition Dates…and times! Complete with scheduler!!! 

Fri 9 September 2011   10:30 – 18:00
Sat 10 September 2011   09:30 – 18:00
Sun 11 September 2011   09:30 – 18:00
Mon 12 September 2011   09:30 – 18:00
Tue 13 September 2011   09:30 – 16:00 

Conference Link

Registration Link N.B. – Free Registration ends on 17 August.

iPhone/Pad and Android Mobile App

PDF of Conference Program



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[Update] Scathing 2D/3D Light Boston.com Article…True?

Update – A response has hit the interwebs, sometimes alleged to be a Sony press release. It doesn’t seem likely, but it is a defense nonetheless and explains many of the points (not all) made in the Boston Globe article. It is posted in its entirety at the bottom of this article. [End Update]

Sony projectors with RealD systems take a perceived hit in a Boston Globe article available at: A movie lover’s plea: Let there be light – Boston.com. Claims are made that, by virtue of using a Sony/RealD 3D lens pair – instead of a 2D lens – during 2D presentations with a Sony Projector, that only 85% of the intended light is getting to the patron in the seats. It seems like dodgy science, extrapolating some data and using some flawed common wisdom – some measurements would be grand.

Between all the ads, one might miss the link for what also seems to be a very fact-challenged graphic: Graphic – How a 3-D lens affects a 2-D movie -Boston.com


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