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All-In-One Microdisplay from Compound Photonics

Compound Photonics Unveils IntelliPix™, An All-In-One Microdisplay Technology Platform to Enable Next-Generation MicroLED for Real-Time AR
Chandler, Arizona, USA, August 3, 2020 – Compound Photonics US Corporation (CP, also known as CP Display), a leading provider of compact high performance microdisplay solutions for Augmented and Mixed Reality (AR/MR), today unveiled its IntelliPix™ Microdisplay Technology Platform for microLED featuring multiple video pipeline and system integration innovations addressing power optimization, latency, and bandwidth use – all key barriers to the true AR experience needed for widespread consumer adoption. As of today, CP is the only player in the market to introduce a microLED focused, constant current (iDrive) technology platform with a MIPI interface that enables pixel-to-pixel uniformity in the emerging sub-5-micron-pixel microLED display space for AR/MR near-eye applications.
“At its core, CP departs from the traditional full bandwidth, raster-based pipeline dating back to the birth of NTSC toward a data flow optimized for real-time AR applications. Given AR imagery, in general, does not fill the entire field of view, only transmitting active pixel data results in the ability to drastically increase performance for those active pixels while reducing overall display sub-system power. “We have again revolutionized the drive architecture to manage images intelligently at the pixel level” stated Edmund Passon, Co-CEO and CTO of Compound Photonics. “IntelliPix™ also integrates its real time video pipeline and programmable drive scheme with adjustable constant current iDrive or voltage driven (vDrive) options into a single chip solution. The overall technology advancement in IntelliPix™ enables up to 100x faster modulation while consuming 4x to 12x less system power across the video pipeline vs. CP’s previous platforms while unlocking the real potential for microLED and future phase –based holographic systems.”
Legacy video pipelines transport full frames/bandwidth to the display subsystem where every transition moves electrons reducing battery life. OnDemand Pixels™, the key component of IntelliPix™, optimizes the drive of pixels based on both content and use environment. This proprietary feature provides significant power saving as the system modulates video parameters across the field of view, dependent on user activity. This active pixel-based approach also enables for the bursts of increased performance by making more bandwidth and higher refresh rates available for demanding content regions. Additionally, when combined with eye tracking, OnDemand Pixels™ opens the door to foveated rendering with attendant benefits for optimized processing on the SoC/AP.
IntelliPix™’s 100x modulation speed increase takes full advantage of the faster response time of microLEDs, which can be applied to higher bit depth, refresh rates, or the ability to add multiple focal planes. For phase-based holographic systems, the 100x increase enables complex waveforms providing near zero ripple. The platform also retains all key features of CP’s current NOVA display drive architecture to achieve low latency and on the fly frame by frame control to avoid image lag.
The IntelliPix™ single-chip design eliminates traditional distinctions between display pixel drive (backplane) and display driver IC (DDIC) functions to reduce the overall physical volume and power consumption. Combined with CP’s integration capabilities for microLED array bonding, device packaging and testing, and optical engine designs, the IntelliPix™ platform opens new possibilities to meet or exceed AR display size reduction demands.
The IntelliPix™ Microdisplay Technology Platform, will be available for demo in early 2021. The platform is customizable for resolutions up to 2048 x 2048 and beyond at pixel pitches from ~1.5um and up. CP is presently engaged with microLED technology partners and eco-system providers for initial early integration.
During Display Week in August 3-4, 2020, CP’s Head of Business and Corporate Development Mike Lee will present IntelliPix™ at SID Business Conference and discuss with the display community about how the technology platform presents the opportunities for the industry to accelerate the mainstream AR adoption.
About Compound Photonics
Compound Photonics (CP), also known as CP Display, is a leading provider of compact high resolution microdisplay technologies.  CP’s microdisplay solutions are optimized to serve the augmented reality and mixed reality markets where high performance, small form factor, and low power consumption are most critical.  Compound Photonics’ microdisplays enable engineers to innovate and create game-changing consumer and industrial products that can greatly enhance people’s productivity and lifestyle.
Media Relations Contact:
Andrew Shih, Marketing & Business Development Manager | [email protected]
Sherry Li, Product Marketing Manager | [email protected]

Affleck Avid Congo Crisis – “Gimme Shelter”

The technology allowed Affleck to view and edit footage in a hotel room each night after shooting the film in November in the North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The short film chronicles the suffering of the Congolese people who’ve been forced to flee their homes. It was released in December to help the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees raise $23 million for clean water and emergency assistance kits for the war- torn region.

Affleck said he was able to cut just-shot digital photography in a place where the “infrastructure was as broken down as any place in the world” using equipment as simple as a handheld camera and laptop. The footage was then sent to his editor in Los Angeles.

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SGI Sells Itself to Rackable

“We have been working very hard to strengthen our company, and today, we’ve taken another big step in that direction,” SGI CEO Robert Ewald said in a statement that would make even the most exuberant of SGI-optimists wince. “This transaction represents a compelling opportunity for Silicon Graphics’ customers, partners and employees, who can all benefit from the emerging stronger company with better technologies, products and markets [sic] reach.”

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