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[Reply: NATO] Sony and the Un-free glasses

New Articles with NATO’s and Sony’s responses

UPDATE: Sony Responds To NATO’s Claim That Studio’s 3D Glasses Plan Is Myopic – Deadline.com

Movie Theaters Upset, Won’t Approve Sony’s New 3D Glasses Policy | FirstShowing.net

Two articles and the priceless comments from the anti-3D-fanz:

Sony to Stop Paying for 3D Glasses in May 2012 (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter

Trouble in the 3D World? Sony to Stop Paying for Free RealD 3D Glasses | FirstShowing.net

Lot of steam in those articles. A lot of money in play.

But let’s get this straight: The exhibitors have a problem with some people not enjoying some 3D. Which system uses the cheapest glasses and the worst screen possible? Which system is trying to keep those glasses free instead of figuring a truly enviromental solution? Only RealD. The active system, XpanD and the other non-polarizing system, Dolby, use a much better pair of lenses. 

There is a lot learn in this story.