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4K; And Then There Were Two

4K DLP chips are shipping today, according to the Texas Instruments Press Release. The three authorized OEMs, Barco, Christie and NEC will now be able to ship the digital cinema products which their catalogs now call 4K ready.

There is some data missing from the PR. For example, Barco is advertising that there are two sizes of 4K chips expected, one to match the 0.98″ C range projectors, and one to retrofit the 1.2″ B range projectors that they offer in their product line. (Christie and NEC only mention retrofitting the 1.2″ chip versions.) We believe that what TI has just released is the 1.38″ 4K chip, which will retrofit into the three 1.2″ positions in the larger Christie (CP2220 and CP2230) and NEC projectors and the B Series Barco projectors. [This has been confirmed–Editor]


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