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The State of Digital Cinema – April 2010 – Part Zero

PlankLogoThis document is Part 0 of an multipart article that details with the basics of today’s transition from film-based cinema to server/file-based digital cinema. This Part 0 addresses some questions that came from readers of Part I, which explains its format and style.

Imagine a rainbow or the light that comes out of a prism. What we think of as the white light of the sun gets split into several discreet, or separate colors.

The next time that you are outside on a sunny day, notice the different shades of blue in the sky as you view it closer or further from the sun. Then later in the day before sunset, notice the colors of the blue as it ranges from deep to light blue and starts to turn orange and then several other shades of red.

There have been a lot of studies that deal with color, and how the human visual system deals with it. There is an international center, the CIE, for all things color and illumination. They did basic work early last century which tried to answer several questions about what an average group of people actually see. They helped settle on methods to scientifically speak about color, and on the best working theory for how the eye (in general) and humans (in particular) see (in general) and see color (in particular.)


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