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Digital Cinema Glossaries

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Exhibition Glossaries

Disney Digital Cinema Glossary – (Online PDF)

Rex Beckett’s dicineco DCinema Glossary (Online)

Council of Europe’s Glossary Digitisation (DOC)

XDC’s DC Glossary (PDF)

Michael Karagosian’s MKPE Digital Cinema Technology FAQ

Michael Karagosian’s MKPE Digital Cinema Business FAQs

Dolby’s Digital Cinema Glossary (pdf)

Dolby’s Digital Cinema Glossary – (Link Broken)

Mad Cornish Projectionist Wiki Glossary – (Online)

Europa Distribution DC Glossary (PDF)

DCI DCinema Specs 1.1 Glossary (PDF)

Christie’s Pro A/V Glossary (Online)

3DGuy’s 3D Stereoscopic Glossary (Online)

The Movie Theater Dictionary (Online)

Post Production/Mastering Glossaries

EDCF’s Mastering Guide Glossary – (PDF)

Phil Green’ s Digital Intermediate Guide (Online)

Gael Chandler’s The Joy of Film Editing Glossary (Online)

Surreal Road’s Digital Intermediate Primer (Online)

Surreal Road’s Digital Intermediate FAQ (Online)

Surreal Road’s Digital Intermediate Glossary (Online)

Digital Rebellions’ Post Production Glossary (Online)

FinalColor.com’s Film and Video Glossary for Colorists (Online)

3D Glossary

ev3’s 3D Glossary

3D@Home Consortium Glossary (Online)

3D@Home Consortium and MPEG Industry Forum

Glossary for Video & Perceptual Quality of Stereoscopic Video (Download)


Production Glossaries

ASC’s HD Glossary (Online)

Lowel’s Glossary of Lighting Terms (Online)

Filmland’s Dictionary of Film, Audio and Video (Online)

Moving Picture Company’s Jargon Explained (Online)

Fletcher’s Film Budget Glossary (Online)

Joel Schlemowitz‘s Glossary of Film Terms

Octamas Film Production DC Glossary (Online)

Pocket Lint’s Glossary of 3D Terms (Online)

IMDb Film Glossary

Kodak’s Cinema and Television Glossary (Online)

Sony’s ABCs of Digital Cinema (PDF)

Associated Glossaries

ColorWiki Glossary (Online)

Dilettante’s Dictionary – Audio Terminology in these Digital Days

Visiton Loudspeaker Audio Dictionary (Online) [High level and excellent]

Audio Terms: German / French / English / Italiano

Photonics.com Dictionary (Online)

Christie’s Technology Explained (OnLine)

Joe Kane’s Video Essentials Glossary (Online)

Video Help’s Blu-ray/DVD/VCD Glossary (Online)

Sony’s Audio Glossary (Online PDF) Dang~! Gone

QSC’s Glossary of Audio Terms (Online) Dang~! Gone

Rane’s Pro Audio Reference (Online)

Tech-Notes Glossary of Broadcast Terms (Online)

Cinema and Filmmaking English to German Dictionary (Online)