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Sayonara CD-ROM: SMPTE

Subject: NEW! Online Subscriptions to SMPTE Standards

As of November 2010, SMPTE is pleased to provide customers with new online access to its Standards documents.  Through a password-protected online service, users will have online access to all relevant documents plus the added benefit of access to new documents as soon as they are published.

Subscriptions will be available to Individuals and Institutions, Member or non-Member, with discounted rates for Individual and Sustaining SMPTE members (and the Individual Member rate is reduced from the CD subscription).  Full details at http://www.smpte.org/standards/subscriptions/ .

For new or renewing subscribers the new products are now offered in the SMPTE Store http://store.smpte.org/category-s/58.htm.  SMPTE will discontinue distribution of Standards and other documents on CD-ROM.  All existing subscribers who would normally have received the October 2010 CD-ROM as part of their subscription will receive access to the online service until the anniversary date of their subscription.  An individual notice will be sent to these subscribers within the next two weeks.

We are excited to be taking this next step in making SMPTE documents available to the industry in a simple and timely manner; please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Peter Symes
Director, Standards and Engineering
Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers