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Request for Comments: DoJ: Movie Captioning, Video Description

Just above the questions that the Department of Justice requests answers to, is the paragraph:

Finally, the Department is considering proposing that 50% of movie screens would offer captioning and video description 5 years after the effective date of the regulation. The Department originally requested guidance on any such figure in its 2008 NPRM. Individuals with disabilities, advocacy groups who represented individuals with disabilities, and eleven State Attorneys General advocated that the Department should require captioning and video description 100% of the time. Representatives from the movie industry did not want any regulation regarding captioning or video description. A representative of a non-profit organization recommended that the Department adopt a requirement that 50% of movies being exhibited be available with captioning and video description. The Department seeks further comment on this issue and is asking several questions regarding how such a requirement should be framed.

Finally, to temper the conversation, we submit the comment that Suzanne Robitaille of ablebodied.com made in her article on finding a captioned version of Avatar: “Ironic, as Avatar is about a man with a disability.”

An RTF document of the questions are also attached. This author makes no claims on whether the two attachments have mistakes, but nothing was purposefully screwed with.

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