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IRIDAS Certifies Facilis Technology’s TerraBlock for Complete Range of Stereoscopic Review and Real

“IRIDAS has always taken great strides to eliminate obstacles from our customers’ workflow. We know they don’t have a minute to spare wondering if the components of their workflow will perform well together, so we’ve designed a certification process that eliminates the guesswork,” said Patrick Palmer, chief operating officer, IRIDAS. “Our qualification virtually guarantees not only will TerraBlock work every time, it will deliver the levels of performance customers require in complex production workflow environments.”

Editor note: Compliance, 64 bits, 3D, 4K – Who could ask for more? Certainly worth looking into.

“Facilis has earned a reputation in the content creation marketplace for delivering high performance shared media storage solutions optimized for the digital media artist,” added James McKenna, vice president, Facilis Technology. “But as we’ve also witnessed, the advent of new stereoscopic 3D technologies and multi-format environments raises important questions among content creators about what tools work best together. IRIDAS’ certification for TerraBlock sends a strong message that our newest 64-bit platform is perfectly optimized for the IRIDAS workflow.”

In September, Facilis announced a new 64-bit operating system as well as new high-performance SAS controllers to add to the available bandwidth for multi-stream uncompressed and 2K/4K DI workflows.

About Facilis Technology

Facilis Technology, Inc. designs and builds high-capacity, turnkey shared storage networks for television, film and all other aspects of post-production. Facilis Technology delivers cost-effective, high-bandwidth storage solutions that enable a more efficient workflow for content creators. For more information, visit www.facilis.com or contact [email protected].


For over a decade, IRIDAS has become world renowned for its innovations in the digital filmmaking industry, redefining the way artists view, manipulate, enhance and produce their digital creations. As the industry’s earliest pioneers of stereoscopic review solutions and real-time color grading and manipulation techniques, IRIDAS taps its legacy of engineering expertise to streamline production and post production workflows, from onset to finishing, and is making stereoscopic moviemaking an everyday reality. For more information, please visit www.iridas.com.