DCinemaTools Facts

Here are some interesting facts about DCinemaTools

  • We are working on a hunch that the professional DCinema world
    • is filled with people who are interested in many topics
    • is basically able to be self-regulating
    • has reached the limit of all possible bandwidth
  • We have a very clear view of what we think is possible and expect computers to have it already developed
    • Our experience in 40 years of handling computers says that we’ll have to do it ourselves…again
  • DCinemaTools is part of the DCinemaCompliance Group…but we’re more friendly…their into security and compliance and training and structured responsibility.
  • We invite all suggestions, even snark-filled ones
  • We hope to launch by ShoWest 2009

The DCinemaCompliance Group has a wider scope and a narrower focus. The scope is providing the tools for a DCinema facility to know how to stay in compliance with the SMPTE and DCI requirements. This involves the training of staff, and providing an automated system for checking the quality control values that the cinema wants to keep in place for the facility.

What does that take? A system built around those values and a daily, weekly and monthly check of the various parts of the equipment and playout of the facility. It takes a skilled staff and a database that an informed executive can use to monitor the equipment and experience. It takes a routine and it may involve an independent asssessment at regular intervals…perhaps yearly or every two years, depending upon the desires of the executive staff.

The DCinemaCompliance Group has organized these tools around a common set of standards known as ISO-9001. Since we are only involved with the DCinema facilities, and not the complete cinema, these tools are based upon the standard without the certification requirements of the standard.

Since the industry is cuurently reaching for momentum rather than more rules, the DCinemaCompliance Group is in the education mode, rather than in the sales mode for these services. We look forward to discussing these needs with any group who feels that they want to contribute to the long-term viability of the DCinema artform at the exhibition complex. 

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