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All-In-One Microdisplay from Compound Photonics

image.pngChris Chinnock, of Insight Media notes that Compound Photonics has been an innovator in microdisplay technology for decades (under previous names as well). The press release below shows they are now at the forefront of microdisplay technology for AR/MR applications. Their focus is on monolithic, very-small-pixel displays for waveguide integration and their new backplane architecture can support both LCOS and microLED frontplanes. I have never heard of a backplane with both voltage drive for LCOS and current drive for microLEDs, but they have one. And, some may recall that it was the CP Nova backplane that was bonded to a microLED frontplane from Plessey Semiconductor (now part of Facebook). This new architecture addresses all the current pain points in AR/MR microdisplay devices, as they note in detail below. I look forward to learning more during Mike Lee’s SID Business Conference presentation on Aug. 3.


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