Ultimate Maya Training

The Ultimate Guide to Maya

The easy to navigate interface of the DVD makes learning easy as you can skip directly to a project and get your hands dirty playing in Maya. Need a little more instruction on Maya, watch Paul work through a workflow tutorial to build your foundation before tackling a project. the choice is yours, learn at your pace!

Throughout the course of this 2 DVD set, you will learn:

    * Organization of the Maya interface

    * Essentials and workflow’s within Maya

    * Workflow for modeling NURBS surfaces

    * Workflow for modeling polygonal surfaces

    * Workflow for modeling subdivision surfaces

    * Shading and texturing techniques

    * Lighting tools and methods

    * Rendering settings and techniques

    * Basic workflow’s and tools for animation.

For more information, see the Paul Conner site

Paul Conner has been creating content in graphics and computer animation for over sixteen years. He is currently a Certified Maya Instructor, and founder of the Digital Animation Center at the University of Colorado.

Some of Paul’s clients include: The Museum of Nature and Science, Warner Brothers, The WB Network, The Discovery Channel, PAX-TV, Starz/Encore, 3D Magazine, Anheiser Busch, NBC, IMAX, Sire Records and Reader’s Digest. 

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