The Third and the Seventh

Make certain to cut out 15 minutes, since you will want to see the entire piece…for example, set it up on a 2nd monitor while eating breakfast and answering email on the other monitor. Oh, and, cut out other time in your day, since you will be showing and sending this far and wide.

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Make certain to watch the “Making Of” called “Compositing Breakdown (T&S)

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For a special treat, we’ve extracted the first 3 questions from an interview done at the blog Dimensión 2.5 [EN PORTADA: Alex Roman y “The Third & The Seventh”]. It is originally in Spanish, so first 3 questions are translated by our mutual friend Google.

Both Spanish and English links are at the end of this article.

Miguel: Better known as Alex Roman, today I present an interview with Jorge Seva, which will disclose your career and the end result of “The Third & The Seventh,” a short film – out of the ordinary.

Welcome to Dimension 2.5. “The Third & The Seventh” is an unconventional short, by your own words, based on a sequence of architectural images from the photographic point of view. How was the idea?

“Alex”: Thanks Miguel. The project has a length of about 4 years on paper. I started thinking about it long ago, while working in a company that infoarquitectura, where the line was the general aesthetics in these cases, very different from that offered by photographers specializing in architectural photography fascinated me so much at the time.

So I thought … why not take a short architectural from that point of view?. It was not until 2008 when I started seriously with the issue.

But before going into details about “The Third & The Seventh”, how about if we talk a little about yourself?. To begin with, and as wakefulness in the introduction to this interview, Alex Roman is a pseudonym.

Indeed, my real name is Jorge Seva, born in Alicante in 1979 and resident in Madrid since 1999.

Alex Roman is an “avatar” I have started using for some time. He had published work with my real name before, but with this new project I wanted to do something different, a kind of aliases. Unfortunately in some specialized portals only allow you to post jobs with “real” name, hence I took Alex 🙂

Miguel: I’ve always loved the realism of your pictures, tell me, apart from many hours of work, what is the secret?

Alex: The working hours is true but I am a very lazy guy and I find it very hard to start. Once started, I shot hours nonstop, but the principle is hard.

Besides, I do not think there’s any secret, but one thing I’ve always clear and are role models. Let me explain. I rarely fixed in CG work as a model of inspiration. I think that I would create a relative error in terms of realism that eventually lead me to an absolute error. My inspiration often lies almost always in professional photography, cinema and advertising.

Observe, observe, and then … watch a little more real models.

Miguel: What are your main work tools?

Alex: Mainly 3ds Max modeling and animation, V-Ray as rendering engine, Photoshop for texturing, and After Effects for postproduction. Ah! and an essential tool in our day, Google 🙂

So, again, here are the links to the interview: In the original Spanish:
EN PORTADA: Alex Roman y “The Third & The Seventh”
and in Google’d English: Alex Roman and “The Third & The Seventh”

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