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7 Scripts You Gotta Read

1) You can pick up on techniques that you may want to incorporate into your own writing style.

2) Reading early drafts of the films you admire reveals great lessons behind all of the revisions that were made. This is the heart of screenwriting. How well you put together a first draft means little in terms of your abilities. It’s how well you handle revisions and shape a story into greatness that proves your worth. The art of effective rewrites is what separates the amateurs from the pros.

3) I don’t believe there’s any one formula or structure for successful stories, much less one model screenplay that all writers should follow. How ridiculous is that? Each genre has its own unique set of rules and clichés. What succeeds in one story in one genre does not necessarily mean it’ll succeed in another story in another genre. However, reasons why stories fail are universal. For example,..

Mystery Man’s Seven Scripts You Gotta Read!

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