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The Threat of Cyberwar Has Been Grossly Exaggerated

Threat of ‘cyberwar’ has been hugely hyped
By Bruce Schneier, Special to CNN 
July 7, 2010 — Updated 1206 GMT (2006 HKT)

(CNN) — There’s a power struggle going on in the U.S. government right now.

It’s about who is in charge of cyber security, and how much control the government will exert over civilian networks. And by beating the drums of war, the military is coming out on top.

“The United States is fighting a cyberwar today, and we are losing,”said former NSA director — and current cyberwar contractor — Mike McConnell. “Cyber 9/11 has happened over the last ten years, but it happened slowly so we don’t see it,” said former National Cyber Security Division director Amit Yoran. Richard Clarke, whom Yoran replaced, wrote an entire book hyping the threat of cyberwar.

General Keith Alexander, the current commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, hypes it every chance he gets. This isn’t just rhetoric of a few over-eager government officials and headline writers; the entire national debate on cyberwar is plagued with exaggerations and hyperbole.

At Schneier’s site—Schneier On Security, he makes a list of those exaggerations and hyperbole, and the comments are worth your morning coffee time.