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Broadcasting Live Events to Cinema: DTG

Here is a short clip from the Introduction, then the Table of Contents, then a link to the download page.

It will be evident … that providers of alternative content, integrators, satellite distribution networks, and exhibitors are faced with a number of commercial and technical considerations in order to deliver AC to a cinema audience. It is therefore important that the benefits and limitations of the various options are fully understood.

This document aims to provide, in a clear and unbiased manner, a set of guidelines which will enable live audio-visual events to be prepared, transmitted, received and presented into cinemas that comply with the relevant international standards for motion picture replay, whilst at the same time avoiding the risk and expense of reconfiguring established television broadcast infrastructures.

1. Summary
  1.1 Introduction  
  1.2 Background 

2.0 The Alternative Content (AC) Delivery Chain  
  2.1 Managing the AC Delivery Chain  

3.0 Preparation 
  3.1 Image Preparation
  3.2 Audio Preparation
  3.3.Subtitle Preparation

4.0 Transmission
  4.1 Image Transmission
  4.2 Satellite Transmission
  4.3 Audio Transmission
  4.4 Subtitle Transmission 

5.0 Reception
  5.1 Reception Equipment 
  5.1.1 Satellite Dish 
  5.1.2 Receiver 

5.2 Principles of repositioning a satellite dish 

6.0 Presentation 
  6.1 Image Presentation 
  6.2 Audio Presentation 
  6.3 Subtitle Presentation 

7.0 Live Delivery of Stereoscopic 3D 


The link for downloading this report is at: DTG Books and White Papers, though it is only one link of many so not so clear as what to do. Click on the Download button of Broadcasting Live Events to Cinema. Fill out the form, check your mail and you will get this 27 page report.