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Manhattan Edit Fest Wrap

Thanks to my trusty side-kick the “Padcaster” – a home-made iPad shoulder rig – we were able to capture all the behind-the-scenes action of the event – from the cocktail party Friday night through to the Closing Night Feature Editor Panel. Here are just a few clips:

  • Listen to Documentary Film Editor Robin Hessman & Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship recipient (aka schmellow) Erin Casper comment on the importance of the EditFest community: >>http://vimeo.com/25088026
  • Hear Author and Editor Bobbie O’Steen & Pixar Editor Ken Schretzmann discuss the importance of learning from your peers at EditFest: >>http://vimeo.com/24965304
  • Ben Frazer, editor of Say Yes to the Dress and TLC reality shows, joins his fellow “un-sung” heros of film and TV at EditFest NY: >>http://vimeo.com/24949075

Check out all the candid padumentary videos from EditFest NY 2011 here: >>http://bit.ly/lsEXr3.

Great Movies You Never Saw – Before Now!

One of the favorite panels of the entire event was “Great Movies You Never Saw” – moderated by >>Jeffrey Wolf (Billy Madison, The Longshots) and featured panelists Peter Frank (Dirty Dancing, The Verdict), >>Malcolm Jamieson (Down to the Bone, Mad Men), >>Keith Reamer (The Art of Love, I Shot Andy Warhol), and >>David Zieff (Metallica: Some Kind of Monster). These masterminds took the EditFest audience on a journey through some of the most artistically and technically thrilling films ever made (yet not widely seen) – including AmreekaCadillac Records, Down to the Bone, and more. If you weren’t able to attend EditFest NY, now’s the time to get your Netflix lists ready – we put together a few short highlight reels from the panel, giving you a sneak peak at the juicy details of some of the greatest movies you’ve never seen. Watch them all here: >>http://vimeo.com/26082200;>>http://vimeo.com/26082713>>http://vimeo.com/26081491>>http://vimeo.com/26081846.

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s EditFest NY such a blast, and we hope to see you next year at EditFest NY 2012!

On behalf of the Mewshop Team,

Josh Apter

Owner and Founder

Manhattan Edit Workshop