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Final Cut Pro X Released – Some Articles

Steve says:

“Final Cut Pro X is here. The speculation, the rumors, the misinformation and the hand-wringing can now mercifully stop. The hype machine is now inert and we can all get back to work. As is my custom each time a new version of Final Cut Pro is released I set about writing an article for Ken explaining what the new features mean to the rank and file editor who will be cutting with it in their day to day operation. Therefore, this article’s primary focus will be to address how FCP X’s new editing paradigms are most likely to impact your workflow.”

Ken says:
I have also created an iPad ePub version for those of you who would like to take it with you. The link to the iPad version is at the article.

Creative Cow says:
Gary Adcock has been using Final Cut from the very beginning and he’s been a fierce FCP advocate for just as long. So, when Apple pulled back a bit of the secrecy surrounding FCP X, Gary Adcock was the perfect member of the COW to dig deep into the workings of FCP X. Want proof? He has years of experience as a deadline-driven editor dealing with massive amounts of footage and was one of the first editors to master tapeless workflows, so much so that he began teaching and training tapeless production for Local 600, as well as assisting Dave Stump A.S.C on the Camera and Metadata subcommittees of the ASC’s Technology committee. Gary has also been the Tech Chair for NAB’s Director of Photography Conference. From this background, Gary seems the perfect guy to dig into an app that aspires to meet the needs and demands of the highest-end pros.

Or does it? What if Apple told you that FCP X wasn’t meant for you?

Gary goes beyond his own knee-jerk reaction to this latest release of Final Cut, to get under the hood of FCP X, and he likes a lot of what he sees.

Larry Jordan says: 

With this release, Apple made four significant changes in direction:

* For the first time, two different versions of FCP can coexist on the same system. I’ve been running FCP 7 and FCP X on the same system for months.
* Maxing out performance to take full advantage of current hardware
* Almost exclusive support for tapeless workflows
* Distribution via the App Store


To me, this is one of the highlights!”

Ken Stone on Pixelmator


Pixelmator is a relatively new application and, as such, it is not yet a full powered photo editing application like Photoshop, but it is much like Photoshop. It employs the same type of palettes, tools, adjustments and menus. Almost all of Pixlmator’s keyboard shortcuts are the same as Photoshop’s. So, if you have worked in Photoshop, there is very little to learn when using Pixelmator; you’ll feel quite comfortable. If you start off using Pixelmator and then, at some point, graduate to Photoshop, the transition will require little effort on your part to learn the Photoshop workflow. Pixelmator is Photoshop-esque.

That’s the beginning of Ken Stone’s new review of an image editing tool, which goes on to give detailed views, both narratively and pictorially, of this cool and inexpensive piece of software on Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro Web Site. Here is the link for this article: Pixelmator

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