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Security – In General

Security was one of the promises of Digital Cinema from the beginning. The concept was as fundamental as the savings angle.

Ten years later it remains a critical element;

  • From the Copyright holders viewpoint
  • From the exhibitors viewpoint
  • From a technology standpoint
  • From the cost standpoint
  • From an eas-of-use standpoint

A great overview of this can be found at Micheal Karagosian’s How Digital Cinema Works – Security section. We will make this a dynamic document, possibly a wiki as time goes on.

Areas of Interest

In this section, we will try to cover some basics so that the news pages will have more relevance:

  • Copyright Owners Rights and Responsibilities
  • Motion on the Production Chain
  • In the Technology
  • At the Exhibitor
  • Pain and More Pain

We look forward to input, either via the comments or directly to the contact info on the contacts page.