Russian Scriptor Targeting Macs?


A new crimeware kit for sale on the criminal underground makes it a simple point-and-click exercise to develop malicious software designed to turn Mac OSX computers into remotely controllable zombie bots. According to the vendor of this kit, it is somewhat interchangeable with existing crimeware kits made to attack Windows-based PCs.

One might point out that these web-injects have supposedly been available for several months but they really haven’t been reported in the wild. 

Where to turn if one decides to go for a Mac Anti-Virus system. Being not ready to spend money on a yearly the subscription that many packages charge, here are a few ‘free’ packages.

The Open Source choice is ClamXav. This package is maintained by long time stalwart Mark Allan who would appreciate a donation. The package will handle individual files, whole computers and networks. Comprehensive means large and possibly sometimes slow. But it isn’t pro-active – it only looks when you hit scan.

Another well regarded package Free Antivirus for Mac – Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition. Smaller, faster, yet the home version will not cover networks.

PCTools | iAntivirus – This small package actively monitors for Mac malware, but that may be fine. I run PC AV software on my PC partitions.

That’s the end of free. None are bad; all are different, though both free products from commercial companies can be upgraded to pay-for packages.

VirusBarrier X6 for Mac OS X


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