Ohga-san Passes

Growing up in entertainment technology in the 70’s meant growing up with relationships with Sony in many areas of the business. The myth of the company revolved around two people; co-Founder Akio Morita and Ohga-san, Mr. Norio Ohga. (The other founder, Mr. Masaru Ibuka didn’t have as much of a public profile, for us gaijin at least.)

Your editor has had many incarnations of relationships with members of the Sony group, in Tokyo and Atsugi in Japan, in Los Angeles and New York and London. The spirit of the two pioneers most always seemed to have infused everyone with the desire for the highest quality in every aspect of the many games they played.

Ohga-san has passed. This article in the New York Times explains some of the attributes of the man: Norio Ohga, Who Led Sony Beyond Electronics, Dies at 81. May there be many more people like him.

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