Fluff but fun article on Drive-A-Tron/Sway/2012

2012 VFX Drive-A-Tron™

SWAY Studio used its proprietary Drive-A-Tron™ technology to create the sequence. Used in campaigns for Lexus Hybrid, BMW, Mini, and countless others, the Drive-A-Tron™ is a virtual stunt driving machine that simulates the real physics of an automobile. It creates scenes in real-time, with the artist literally in the driver’s seat.
In this behind-the-scenes video, Director of New Business Addie Hall walks viewers through the studio’s pre-visualization process for “2012.” She also offers insight into why SWAY Studio was chosen for this project, and describes the features that make Drive-A-Tron™ a game changer in the world of visual effects.

VFX: SWAY Studio
Creative Director: Mark Glaser
VFX artist: Robert Glazer
Producer: Aaron Abt
Artist: Cesar Chavez
General Manager: Stephanie Heinson

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