[Update] EU Cinema Numbers – UNIC 2013

More numbers to parse…the North America numbers will come out at CinemaCon time, but they are slightly up generally (in spite of two big but disappointing movies), just as these EU numbers are slightly down year-to-year, after a good couple of years previous.

Interesting to see the factional nature of the continent in terms of local content and digitalization.

Business-model-wise, where the North America market gets to rely upon upgrading Series One systems and the breakout of laser-driven systems, the EU has 15% of the market to install or see go away…plus Series One and laser upgrades.

Please find the full report and press release attached and on UNIC’s website.

We have asked for the obvious information that would round out the statistics on pages 7 and 8 and hope to update this article when UNIC responds.

[Update] And here are the answers: total number of screens across all UNIC territories is 30,206. On page 7 of the report, that would be all the countries listed, less Russia. (See DGT Online Informer No. 101 – 3 February 2014 – for more interesting numbers).

The number of screens per million is changing due to some late additional data: 57 screens per million instead of 62. The population figure used in the data is: 524 million (all the countries on the list, except for Russia.)



Jeesh: The Berlinale was an excuse for Media Salles to introduce a whole new set of numbers.

DGT Online Informer No. 102 – 8 February 2014 –

Europe starts 2014 with more than 30,000 digital projectors, a growth rate of 21%

According to the initial figures available, the number of screens equipped with either DLP Cinema™ or SXRD™ technology has risen to 30,402, with a 21% increase compared to 1st January 2013, when there were 25,084.

Europe thus starts 2014 with around 84% of its screens having converted to digital. This is a slightly lower penetration rate than the world average, which touches on 87%. Instead, there is a more marked difference compared to North America, where digital projectors are installed on 93% of screens.

Of the over 30,000 European digital projectors, around 72% are to be found on the six leading markets (France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia), which, including screens not yet converted, account for around 68.5% of European screens.

There is a lot more data at the link…

DGT Online Informer No. 102 – 8 February 2014

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