Entertainment Technology Center–3DTV Resources

The Entertainment Technology Center has put up a series of FAQs and other information about 3D named 3D Resources for Industry and the Press. It seems quite 3DTV Centric, which means that all the information will be wrong within a moment of publication, but it is a good idea.

The first article (that your editor saw, 15 things your salesperson should know, or s/g like that) played a bit fast and loose with the definition of high definition, but it is better then nothing.

Nothing will help; 3DTV is doomed to fail in the present configuration. It is barely good enough when hot-rodded by gamers. Home users at a close distance with ambient light providing mismatched eye info will not have a fun time. Odd generations of set top boxes mis-matching with TV inputs…who could ask for a worse situation during a depression?

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