Christie Calls It Quits – For Film Projectors

(I had to ask the Press Consultant, having to use a few thousand email electrons from my personal stash to get approval.) Or, perhaps it is because no one thought anyone would care. Or perhaps because the press release hide the story 3 paragraphs in, clearly not wanting to give the wrong impression. Notwithstanding, this marks the end of an era.

Cinemeccanica, an OEM licensee of Barco’s in the digital domain, will still make 35mm projection equipment from their factory in Milano, and Kinoton’s web-site still has 3 product lines of their superb equipment listed.

Attached is a pdf of their press release, in English and French.

And just to prove that I don’t want to leave the wrong impression, here’s Christie’s Brian Claypool talking about their latest innovations to the digital line:


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