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Michael Karagosian Closed Caption Analysis of 6 Feb 2009

We now have a second closed caption system on the market that utilizes thestandardized CSP/RPL protocol. The new product is from Intelligent Access Systems, led by Leanne West and Ethan Adler.  Leanne is known for her work with Georgia Tech Research Institute. Intelligent Access has volunteered to participate in the ISDCF March demo.

[Editor: The ISDCF March demo is primarily centered on evaluating the changes coming with the change from the InterOp format to the SMPTE format for DCPs. Evaluating caption systems are not the primary goal of the this science-base demo.]

We now have substantial support in digital cinema for accessibility.  Below
is a brief review of the closed caption products on the market.

USL offers a single infrared transmitter solution to provide 2-channel audio
and closed captions into the auditorium.  The transmitter receives CSP/RPL
for closed captions.  The transmitter drives two different closed caption
displays:  a cup-holder-mounted display, and closed caption glasses.  The
transmitter also drives USL’s assistive listening solution, which supports 2
user-selectable channels.

Intelligent Access Systems
Intelligent Access offers a WiFi-driven closed caption solution.  The WiFi
transmitter receives CSP/RPL for closed captions.  The WiFi signal can be
received by Windows Mobile or iPhone/iPod Touch devices connected to closed
caption glasses.

Doremi offers a ZigBee wireless transmitter (similar to Bluetooth) to drive
its cup-holder-mounted closed caption display.  Doremi’s transmitter is
added to the server, and cannot be driven by a CSP/RPL server output.
(no product link found)

Williams Sound
Williams Sound makes both RF and infrared driven headphones for assistive
listening applications.

WGBH MoPix (Motion Picture Access)

Rear Window Captioning system, explicitly supported by the USL box, as well as directly by 4 of the major dcinema server vendors.

Digital cinema servers today that can drive SMPTE 430-10 and 430-11 (CSP and
RPL) closed caption systems include Dolby, Doremi, GDC, Sony, and XDC.

NATO will hold a a demonstration of all of the above accessibility solutions
at ShoWest.  The demonstration will take place on March 17, from 10am to
12pm, in Ballys South Tower, 3nd floor Las Vegas meeting rooms.

A similar demonstration will also take place at Show Canada in late April.

Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability by Public Accommodations and in Commercial Facilities – Notice of proposed rule making


ARTICLES dealing with Intelligent Designs System

Intelligent Access Captioning System works with iPod Touch or iPhone;
WRAP visor for use in theaters, sports arenas, classrooms, etc.

Widening the Wireless World – Spring 2007 – Research center promotes accessibility to wireless technologies for people with disabilities

Virtual Voices – Winter 2005; Wearable captioning system would open world of public venues to people who are deaf or hard of hearing

Landmarc Research Center – Intelligent Access; Wireless Personal Captioning System

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