UPDATE: As Mulan/Tenet Slips, so does AMC

UPDATE: With some rumors – still unconfirmed a week later –that Tenet could be released in other countries other than the US, we are truly in WhoThePhuqueKnows territory.

CNN has a good roundup of the movies at: The movies will return someday, and here are the ones we’re really stoked about 

EU cinemas are opening with decent results reported for local movies and archival favorites. China keeps reporting that cinemas can open, but none are reported to have opened. That leaves the US and India as the remaining big markets, and they ain’t opening. Los Angeles is the biggest and closed, New York could open but why would any group do that when they can’t get product, and product won’t come until a decent representative of the market is open. And that won’t happen until ???? …several weeks after everyone wears masks all the time that they aren’t home and stop going anywhere. End UPDATE

PausDemic has continued to twist jobs and income into dust. While their sister organizations in the UK are opening, AMC in the US is holding back with the reasoning that 1) you need the big pictures and 2) who is really going to come to the cinemas when the pandemic is starting to rage out of control again.

AMC delays US theater openings as it waits for summer blockbusters


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