3D Lab in the Middle East - Real Vision

An invite to be part of the Middle East’s first “3D LAB”

Clyde DeSouza of Real Vision is pleased to announce that twofour54, a Government of UAE initiative, has appointed Real Vision to consult and help create the region’s first Stereoscopic 3D Lab at their media zone campus in the capital, Abu Dhabi.

The 3D Lab was inaugurated last week, and has been well received by the press.

In a nutshell the 3D Lab has been built to encourage best practices in stereoscopic 3D production.

Production studios and professionals from the GCC, Arabian gulf region, and India have already shown keen interest to attend workshops to be conducted at the 3D Lab, and to meet like minded professionals in this collaborative environment.

Mutually beneficial Opportunity:

The 3DLab welcomes hardware and software manufacturers to place on permanent loan, equipment and NFR versions of software, which will be exposed to regional production houses and potential clients.

The 3DLab can act as showcase and will not be polarized or biased toward any one technology or vendor.

Feel free to contact Clyde in this regard.

More on the 3DLab in pictures: http://bit.ly/rsray9

Current equipment and facilities in the 3DLab

Areas of exploration and interest:

and more...


Clyde DeSouza can be reached at Real Vision at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - The Real Vision site is at: RealVision.ae Knowledge Base and stereoscopic 3D Blog