100 Great Resources for Cinematographers

The excellent blog for camera assistants "The Black and Blue" provides a great resource up to the minute interesting news and features about cameras and writing, an excellent spot for insightful reviews of movies from a technical view, and a complete distraction to my day...in a good way.

Recently he put together a powerful list of places to pay attention to on the internet. This is his introduction and the headings for the list:

One of my goals when I started this blog, along with providing original content, was to be a place that could redirect its readers to valuable resources they might not otherwise find. Well, I have taken this to the extreme and listed out 100 resources for cinematographers, camera assistants, and film professionals that features everything from places to find work, to books, to podcasts and forums.

100 Great Resources for Cinematographers, Camera Assistants, and Film Professionals 
The Black and Blue - A Camera Assistant's Blog

The list is separated into sections that can be accessed quickly below:

1 – 12: Jobs and Industry
13 – 20: Film News
21 – 32: Print (Physical and Digital)
33 – 44: Blogs
45 – 53: Podcasts
54 – 63: Forums
64 – 74: Reference and Advice
75 – 84: Tools and Gear
85 – 93: Social Networks and Technology
94 – 100: Analog (Real World)

The Black and Blue - A Camera Assistant's Blog

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