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Introducing – Tools for Cinema Quality Assurance


Cinema Test Tools for the Non-Technical Manager 

  • A free resource for the cinema industry
  • Tuned most particularly for the non-technical manager.
  • Tools include:
    • Several DCPs for testing the sound and picture quality
    • Lessons on sound and light
    • Written to help communicate with the technicians

The key is a free Online Managers Online Walk Through Checklist that correlates with the many DCPs. It helps bring an understanding of the many nuances of the auditorium's situation in a straightforward way. 

Building auditoriums for the Arts is a tradition from the Greeks. Projection has since been added.

SmartJog Sends Deluxe DCPs to EU

smartjog logoDeluxe LogoDistribution specialist SmartJog continues on track toward DCinema distribution domination at several points in the chain. This week they announce an extension of current agreements with Deluxe Digital to pipe DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) from Deluxe to any of their connected 200 cinemas (850+ screens) throughout the EU.

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World Cup 3D ReScheduled to Semi-Finals? [reUpdated]

World Cup MascotConfusion continues in the World Cup to 3D Cinema adventure.

Today's news is that Sensio has decided to bring Cinedigm into the distribution partnership after pulling the plug on Aruna late last month...after only signing with Aruna the month before (13 April)...and a mere eight weeks before the event. [Correction: FIFA designated Aruna, and is steering the licensing ship itself, and individually with networks of cinema entities.]

The Sensio/Cinedigm press release is filled with hype and untold nuance, making it obscure. (Then again, what press release isn't these days?)

It is clear though that instead of starting with the games as originally scheduled, 11 June, the broadcasts to cinema theaters will begin with the semi-finals, 27 June. [Newly corrected, below.]

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Twentieth Century Fox Selects Solar Power, Inc. for a 158 kW Solar System

Fox Goes SolarSolar Power, Inc. announced today that the Company has been contracted by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (“Fox”) to design and install a 158 kW DC solar photovoltaic system at the Fox Studios Lot located in Century City, California. The project will utilize Solar Power, Inc.’s innovative SkyMount® commercial rooftop system which optimizes system electricity production and streamlines installation.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by Twentieth Century Fox to design and build a solar system to help them provide meaningful environmental benefits and begin to mitigate rising electricity costs”

The solar installation, which will be mounted on the roof of Fox’s Building 99, is the second major investment in solar announced by Fox’s parent company News Corporation this month, part of the company’s Global Energy Initiative. Solar Power, Inc. won the contract after a competitive bid process administered by Fox’s solar committee, which formed last year. The project could pave the way for more solar across the Fox Studio Lot in the future.

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Kodak Re-Focus/Hardware Is Out: Celluloid Junkie

Celluloid Junkie nails it again, scooping the news about Kodaks intentions to significantly leave the field, dropping their hardware and integration group, everything but the preparation and distribution of preshow content and playslists.

In a 20 November article titled Kodak Digital Cinema Undergoes Major Strategy Shift,  J. Sperling Reich at Celluloid Junkie confronted Bob Gibbons, Director of Marketing and Communications for Kodak Digital Cinema about recent "whisperings in conversations throughout the motion picture exhibition industry about organizational changes at Kodak Digital Cinema. He announced:

“We’re going to discontinue all development and manufacturing of our preshow advertising systems, our Kodak screen management servers, our Kodak theatre management systems and what I refer to as our role as a feature systems integrator, putting the packages together and marketing the packages.”

According to Sperling's report, Kodak will instead;

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Cinedigm, Sageview, 75 million, 8%, 35% potential interest

Cinedigm and Sageview LogosThere was a day in May in 2006 when the share price of Cinedigm, then named AccessIT, was $14.59. They were firing on all cylinders; making deals with studios, vendors and cinemas to finance and install digital projectors and servers for thousands of cinema screens, purchasing appropriate technologies to supply an end to end service, and associating with all the right investors.The market cap at its highest was [calculate and edit in - guess: 350 million - current=25 million - add today's share price (99 cents) and actual market cap.]

Yesterday Cinedigm announced a complex arrangement with the investment group, Sageview Capital. In return for 75 million dollars, given in the form an 8% interest Secured Note, Sageview gets 2 seats on the board and a seven-year warrant to purchase up to 16,000,000 shares of Class A common stock (35% of Cinedigm's fully diluted shares outstanding.) In a show of faith to their prowess and capabilities, the stock has to increase 38% to 1.37/share from the 99 cents per share value at day's beginning.

Who are Sageview? Ned Gilhuly and Scott Stuart were B-School buddies who rose quickly through the ranks of KKR during their heyday times, participating in the Nabisco and Regal Cinema deals. Although tipped to succeed the KKR founders, they left in 2006 to specialize in small cap deals, forming Sageview. Guitar Center is the only other entertainment technology investment listed on their website.

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