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Introducing – Tools for Cinema Quality Assurance


Cinema Test Tools for the Non-Technical Manager 

  • A free resource for the cinema industry
  • Tuned most particularly for the non-technical manager.
  • Tools include:
    • Several DCPs for testing the sound and picture quality
    • Lessons on sound and light
    • Written to help communicate with the technicians

The key is a free Online Managers Online Walk Through Checklist that correlates with the many DCPs. It helps bring an understanding of the many nuances of the auditorium's situation in a straightforward way. 

Building auditoriums for the Arts is a tradition from the Greeks. Projection has since been added.

Dolby Subtly Sings Seattle

The new Vimeo presentation, The Transformation of Seattle's Cinerama Theatre, is 5 minutes of Chapter Headings for an unwritten series. It serves to highlight several points of technology, each that could/should be described in 30 minutes or more.

The coming CinemaCon will be one that exposes loudly some of the technology areas that were allowed to stay "under-served" in the past. Alluded to in the video is how much better a picture is when it is properly exposed and how much better audio is when not so subtle points are accommodated for.

How to extol the many virtues of doing things right without pointing out how horrid some decisions have been in the past– and not smearing anyone who didn't have access to unavailable choices – will be interesting. It may make this one of the great CinemaCons for the technology crowd.

Hat tip to Mel Lambert for pointing out the piece.

Post-Installation Cinema Test Tools; USL LSS-100 and DTT Digital eXperience Guardian

Post-Installation Quality Control for the Cinema Auditorium is finally getting some tools fit for the modern digital age. Two companies are putting network products into the sector which, up until now, was only filled with multi-thousand dollar test rigs or hand held units. (No smear intended on the new Meyer Sound X12 and Harkness Screen test devices released in the last 6 months – both are nice hand held units and fit for their purpose.)

First, the USL LSS-100 Light & Sound Sensor measures sound pressure level, luminance and chromaticity from its mounted position on the back wall of the theater auditorium. The 2 degree spot measurement is transmitted to the user as XYZ and x, y points and CCT, with great precision. The audio section measures C weighted pink noise, giving the level in the room in tenths of a dB.

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Harkness At Puma

"...allowing the 3D presentation to be viewed at suitable brightness levels throughout the entire seating area..."

3D and gain screens and hyperbole seems to go together.

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The Death of Silver Screens~! Vive la France

In May of 2002, the Attack of the Clones (Star Wars II) was released after a great effort by George Lucas. He encouraged cinema exhibitors to cross over to digital projectors, hoping for 1,000 and getting 100. At the time the digital light engine was a meager 1.3 meg, with pretty low light levels. The contrast left a bit to be desired, especially in the blacks (muddy browns). Against the mighty beauty of a first run film print showing fully saturated colors...especially a dark movie like Clones...the digital print looked pretty weak.

On the other hand, showing that same film print 10 days later, and running back and forth to a digital presentation, one really notices how much saturation gets lost from that film's plastic during its run up to melting point by the lamp before the gate opens. Plus, when the electro-static charge is at its peak, the gate opens – attracting and melting in dust and grit. Suddenly the digital print shows promise - the colors which were once a little weak in comparison are actually better than the film's. The judder is gone, making the picture easier to look at – no small attraction to kids who grew up with stable video presentations watching the cool new animations and CGI heavy movies of 2002 and '03: Shrek II, The Incredibles, Harry Potter II, Nemo, Shark's Tale...

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CST 6th Day of Techniques...DCinema

A round of applause erupted during the first panel discussion at today's CST JOURNÉE DES TECHNIQUES DE L’EXPLOITATION ET DE LA DISTRIBUTION.Programme_previsionnel

The projectionist comment had to do with a problem that we have been hearing about all over the world.

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