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BE has listened to the masses and finds, Alors! it is a networked world?!?! It looks as if they have put together a great training program on networks for broadcasters. But Quel Coincidence. It looks like just the thing for a DCinema world as well.

An online course like this, taught by someone who has been involved in the entire evolution of the art and science, is certainly worth considering for the price they are charging. At least one person at your facility should know this stuff backwards and forwards.

File-based technology and workflow The essentials of professional networked media

The BEST Learning Experience Available. 
The revolution in broadcast technologies has brought extraordinary challenges to professionals responsible for production, operations and management. Our Specialized VideoTraining is a unique learning experience developed by Broadcast Engineering and industry experts who are committed to keeping professionals current with new technological alternatives, helping you to understand the implications, reviewing your options, and making more informed decisions.

What you can expect from Broadcast Engineering Specialized Training Videos

Your purchase will give you access to video training courses authored and presented by industry experts. Developed exclusively for broadcast professionals the training addresses specific challenges you face now and how to prepare for the future.

Course Info & Pricing

File-based technologies have replaced video tape methods for a majority of production and broadcast operations. The worlds of AV and IT are coalescing to create new methods and workflows for media production. This seminar series reviews the following essentials:

File-based technology and workflow: the essentials of professional networked media. The complete video training course consists of 8 modules that are each 45-60 minutes in length. Modules may be purchased and viewed stand-alone, but Module 1 is foundational for the other seven. Please review module abstracts for full video training session content

You have the option of purchasing the full training course at a discounted rate of $185. This option includes all eight training modules and will provide you with access to the training course for 90 days. 

You may also purchase individual modules at a rate of $29 per module.