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Introducing – Tools for Cinema Quality Assurance


Cinema Test Tools for the Non-Technical Manager 

  • A free resource for the cinema industry
  • Tuned most particularly for the non-technical manager.
  • Tools include:
    • Several DCPs for testing the sound and picture quality
    • Lessons on sound and light
    • Written to help communicate with the technicians

The key is a free Online Managers Online Walk Through Checklist that correlates with the many DCPs. It helps bring an understanding of the many nuances of the auditorium's situation in a straightforward way. 

Full Disclosure: We recommend many courses, including our own.

HDR Explained – for the rest of us...

Explained for camera people, but well done for all of us...

Michael Cioni and Aaron Kroger of Panavision pretend that they are uniquely qualified to explain HDR because they aren't PhD graduates – which somehow equates to being simpletons who tripped into their senior management jobs. Yet, they have scrapped together a wonderfully scrappy explanation of HDRs nuance. Fun, rarely obtuse and hijacks ensue, as the movie plug often says.HDR Explained Expertly

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Blending the Basics of Audio and Light (Pictures): Part One

The day of the shoebox-shaped cinema auditorium is long passed. Even small rooms are built with stadium seating these days, which is a great benefit to audience' sight lines. But it is no favor to the audio equivalent, the audience' sound field.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is due to the volume increase – the cubic meters of air to get vibrating increases with higher ceilings. Another is that the main speakers, which were somewhat pointed at the audience from behind the screen, are now pointed at only the front rows – the directionality of the voices and other objects that the sound mixer puts into space is somewhat (or a lot) messed up.

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Film Making Fun

Hmmm. Cameras everywhere. But where to get some of that talent stuff?

Driven Creativity–G-Academy

Obviously, ongoing...

Network Training – BE

BE has listened to the masses and finds, Alors! it is a networked world?!?! It looks as if they have put together a great training program on networks for broadcasters. But Quel Coincidence. It looks like just the thing for a DCinema world as well.

An online course like this, taught by someone who has been involved in the entire evolution of the art and science, is certainly worth considering for the price they are charging. At least one person at your facility should know this stuff backwards and forwards.

File-based technology and workflow The essentials of professional networked media

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3D Lab in the Middle East - Real Vision

An invite to be part of the Middle East’s first “3D LAB”

Clyde DeSouza of Real Vision is pleased to announce that twofour54, a Government of UAE initiative, has appointed Real Vision to consult and help create the region’s first Stereoscopic 3D Lab at their media zone campus in the capital, Abu Dhabi.

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