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Introducing – Tools for Cinema Quality Assurance


Cinema Test Tools for the non-Technical Manager – Post Installation Quality Assurance Has Begun

Cinema Test Tools is a free resource for the cinema industry, tuned most particularly for the non-technical manager. The tools include several DCPs, all with interesting means of testing the sound and picture quality for the interested by lightly trained staff. The lessons on sound and light are written to provide a foundation to communicate with the technician who must respond quickly and well to the information that they discover.

The key is a free Managers Walk Through Checklist that correlates with the many DCPs. It helps bring an understanding of the many nuances of the auditorium's situation in a straightforward way. 

DCinema Hearing and Visually Impaired Technologies: Standards and Best Practices

Cinemark and Regal Go Captioned

After years of waiting for a working technology, after years of lawsuits and anger from the hard of hearing and visually impaired communities, two major cinema chains have agreed to install closed caption equipment into all of their cinema theaters.

Cinemark and Regal cinema chains made the announcements in separate news releases.

Here are some links to the news. Cinemark has decided upon the Doremi CaptiView system, while Regal hasn't specified the technology. [Sony Entertainment Access Glasses with Audio are announced as the choice at CinmeaCon 2012 - Ed.] Cinemark had ongoing lawsuits with the Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA), which are going to be dropped, according to the announcements of ALDA.

Regal will also be working with the website development group and Captioned Movies Search Engine site CaptionFish to help promote the services to their customers.

Hearing Loss Law : Washington Hearing Loss Lawyer & Attorney : John Waldo Law Firm : Hard of Hearing, Disability, Hearing Impairment : Seattle, Bainbridge, Washington, Pacific Northwest – Dead Link

Cinemark and ALDA (Association of Late-Deafened Adults) announce movie theatre accessibility for customers with hearing disabilities Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments

Cinemark Agrees to Provide Closed-Caption Option - DCInsider

Cinemark Installing Closed Captioning in all Theatres | Digital Cinema Report.

Regal theaters to become more accessible | Denver Business Journal

NJ theaters to use caption devices for deaf

Closed Captioning at the Movie Theatres. 

Regal Makes Seattle America's Most Accessible Movie City

"Unfortunately, not every theater chain is following the lead of Regal and Cinemark. AMC theaters, America's second-largest chain, continues to take the position that it will equip some but not all of its theaters to show captions. We are currently in the process of addressing that question in our Seattle lawsuit, and would hope for a favorable ruling, a change in AMC's corporate position, or perhaps both."