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Introducing – Tools for Cinema Quality Assurance


Cinema Test Tools for the non-Technical Manager – Post Installation Quality Assurance Has Begun

Cinema Test Tools is a free resource for the cinema industry, tuned most particularly for the non-technical manager. The tools include several DCPs, all with interesting means of testing the sound and picture quality for the interested by lightly trained staff. The lessons on sound and light are written to provide a foundation to communicate with the technician who must respond quickly and well to the information that they discover.

The key is a free Managers Walk Through Checklist that correlates with the many DCPs. It helps bring an understanding of the many nuances of the auditorium's situation in a straightforward way. 

Exhibitor News

Lessons of Spectre and the Force (WIP)

Dolby has announced that the coming Star Wars Picture is strong with Dolby Vision and Atmos Force...a boson energy that we didn't know was required when we spent our weekly food budget on Spectre when it opened in the Dolby Cinema | AMC Prime Burbank 16 last month. 

Ouch. Caveat Emptor Dolby said. They don't control the bookings in that room and oh! by the way, a million to one goes down to the normal state of the dual-laser system of 5000:1. Oh! yes, and by the way, even though it wasn't in Atmos either, the Dolby Vision entity is a non-vectored mediating boson field that allows for the most perfect of electro-magnetic-mechanical air/photon wave and particle dissemination possible regardless of whether it has had the nuanced half-alluded-to hand wave Jedi mastering artechnology applied to the digits at all. 

I don't doubt Dolby marketing in the least now. Even though the research elves have found that xenon bulb 4K projectors have a hard time getting to 1800:1 in contrast, they have told me that most Post houses have advanced to 5000:1. In fact, let's parse what was actually said.

They said that most mastering rooms are running at 5000:1. All those who know a xenon based projector that is running at more than 2500:1, please raise your hands. OK. Let's make it easier. All those who have a mastering room with a cool and groovy 4K xenon-based projector who is getting better than 2000:1, please raise your hand. Ah! look, there's that guy with the new Sony projector. Very nice sir. No one with a TI based projector...didn't think so. Tweaking the iris and getting the nicest bulb will get you to 1750:1, but more brightness after that gives you brighter darks...but not more contrast.

This article is a work in progress.

And no Atmos? Wha? There was some great music build-up during one of the scenes...wow, those 5 sets of speakers in the front sure can sing. But it never left the front of the room.

This article decided to wait for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so that the mystical art of watching the perfect movie in the perfect environment timed and mixed for the perfect audio and multi-mode dual laser system.

OK: That happened – Dolby Vision and The Force of Darkness  

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