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Introducing – Tools for Cinema Quality Assurance


Cinema Test Tools for the non-Technical Manager – Post Installation Quality Assurance Has Begun

Cinema Test Tools is a free resource for the cinema industry, tuned most particularly for the non-technical manager. The tools include several DCPs, all with interesting means of testing the sound and picture quality for the interested by lightly trained staff. The lessons on sound and light are written to provide a foundation to communicate with the technician who must respond quickly and well to the information that they discover.

The key is a free Managers Walk Through Checklist that correlates with the many DCPs. It helps bring an understanding of the many nuances of the auditorium's situation in a straightforward way. 

Since we became our own secretaries, it seems that we have to know nearly everything these days.

A Few Minutes of Interesting: Light Wavelengths and Sleep, and Robot Snake Camera

Researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the Lighting Research Center have discovered a way to combat the drowsy feeling often experienced in the afternoon (known as the “post-lunch dip”) using a novel method: exposure to visible light.

For years, researchers have known that exposure to certain wavelengths of visible light helps prevent production of melatonin, a chemical responsible for drowsiness. ...

Read the rest (so to speak) at: Using Light Exposure to Combat the “Post-Lunch Dip”

Robot Snake Camera: Camera Controlled by an Amphibious Snake Robot: Design Inspired by Nature

Weekend Camera and Colorist Learning Fun

The new concepts of digital shooting and post are nicely shown in these posts:

Shooting Video For Stills

RedShark News - Now your iPhone is the exposure meter you always wanted it to be

Check out the test video on this article:
RedShark News - Panasonic GH3: Amazing new footage from this $1,300 camera

I am about to release version 1.0 of an article I have written on accessibility in cinema. If anyone wants to tell me any last minute changes to make, including what doesn't flow easily enough for you, or what doens't make sense, or what is wrong in any way:

New Distractions Arrive

020113 –

American Cinematographer | Life of Pi Podcast

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010113 –

Here's is a whole lot of ouch for the eyes – so pretty they hurt:

Gallery Collection of New York City Landscape Photographs by Photographer Scott Reither

I wish I had time to write about how this would work in the obvious network:

A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: Attack of the week: Cross-VM side-channel attacks

The story begins with pictures of a donkey...is over 50% of movie piracy in the hands of organized crime? Well, then the story writes itself after that.

Vladimir Horowitz's famous grand piano lures classical music fans in Vancouver (with video). That's the SO of acoustician Michael Leader on the 88s.

Distractions...Too Much Interesting

6 December

The ASC: SIDE BY SIDE: Part One—A Point of View « John Bailey's Bailiwick

iTunes - Podcasts - American Cinematographer Podcasts by American Cinematographer Magazine

Resolution vs. Aliasing: Implications for Motion Capture

The Bayer Sensor Strategy

3 December – The Onion Book of Known Knowledge: Full Color Excerpt, By America's Top Satirical Newswriters

Where Are You Android Users? | TPM Editors Blog

EDCF Film Festival Tech Project – Interested? Write this editor...cjflynn@ this site



5 November – Slowing the speed of light game

A Slower Speed of Light | MIT Game Lab

5 Oct – Data scientists urged to share their big data skills with UK charities | IT PRO / This article is all over the map...but it is a starting point for a discussion for our industry. So many potentials. Someone please surprise me with an article on the subject for the entertainment technologies business please.

Independent and Foreign Films on DVD | Movie of the Month Club | Film of the Month Club | DVD of the Month Club
So the trick is, how does one get these films into the "Yes, we have tracks for the deaf, hard of hearing and visually impaired audiences

The coolest "like a desert" theater design: magma architecture: masrah al qasba theater from designboom – You must scoll down to see the pictures.

Just in case you think that layouts need to be aestetic...here's what happens when they are: Dataisnature

Ya just gotta know about Wood Gasification: Wood Gasification | GASEK

Kodak Patents Worth 25% To Consortium

500 million is what Apple, Google and Samsung will offer Kodak for patents that Kodak supposedly told someone...these are worth 2 billion. I wonder if the estate manager gets to negotiate?

Rivals Apple, Google, Samsung reportedly team up to buy Kodak patents | Ars Technica