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Introducing – Tools for Cinema Quality Assurance


Cinema Test Tools for the non-Technical Manager – Post Installation Quality Assurance Has Begun

Cinema Test Tools is a free resource for the cinema industry, tuned most particularly for the non-technical manager. The tools include several DCPs, all with interesting means of testing the sound and picture quality for the interested by lightly trained staff. The lessons on sound and light are written to provide a foundation to communicate with the technician who must respond quickly and well to the information that they discover.

The key is a free Managers Walk Through Checklist that correlates with the many DCPs. It helps bring an understanding of the many nuances of the auditorium's situation in a straightforward way. 

Since we became our own secretaries, it seems that we have to know nearly everything these days.

The Oily Truth Spills Out

What would have happened if BP had actually followed the CSR creed?

From devastated ecosystems to ruined fisheries, broken local economies to toxic health effects, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill may well be the greatest catastrophe in the history of our petroleum addiction. But it doesn’t have to be a total disaster. If we’re smart, we’ll wring some good out of this desperate situation by using it to identify some serious collective failings and ensure they never happen again.

That would be easy to do because the Gulf calamity is a case study in needed changes. That starts with the true cost of this dangerous natural resource. Whether we measure it in atmospheric damage or the consequences of extracting and transporting oil, the full cost to our planet and society is far too high. Since oil supplies will peak in the next few years, we need to begin immediately shifting to a sustainable energy system based on renewable resources. Instead of unimaginative calls for more offshore drilling, a position that’s now embarrassing at best, President Obama should be rallying us around, as Thomas Friedman has advocated, an energy Marshall Plan that would create the clean power supplies we’re going to need to support a healthy and sustainable economy.

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On iPhone, beware of that AT&T Wi-Fi hot spot

A security researcher has discovered that any wireless network can pretend to be an AT&T Wi-Fi hot spot and thus lure unsuspecting iPhone users to an untrusted network connection.

Samy Kamkar, who created a worm that garnered him a million friends on MySpace overnight in 2005, said in an interview this week that he can hijack any iPhone within Wi-Fi range in what is often dubbed a "man-in-the-middle" attack because of the way the devices are configured to recognize AT&T Wi-Fi connections merely by the name "attwifi."

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Wind's Latest Problem: it ... makes power too cheap

Jerome a Paris
Sun Apr 25th, 2010 at 12:25:41 PM FWT

Bloomberg has a somewhat confusing article about the newest complaint about wind power, but the gist of it is that wind power is an issue for the industry because it brings their revenues down:

operators in Europe may have become their own worst enemy, reducing the total price paid for electricity in Germany, Europe’s biggest power market, by as much as 5 billion euros some years

Implicit in the article, and the headline (which focuses on lower revenues for RWE) is the worry that wind power will bring down the stock market value of the big utilities - which is what the readers of Bloomberg et al. care about.

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De-Flash the laptop | Coming HTML Tech

Like many Mac users, I complain about the fan noise and heat and CPU usage of Flash when it seems to take over the computer. Coupled with Adobe's constant problems with keeping the hackboi crowd away from their software, I always rejoice when I can take a step from using it.

Thus, happy to join the YouTube HTML5 Beta- a tasty little logo comes up to tell you that non-flash is going to play soon.

Adobe claims that they will prove Steve Jobs wrong when Flash version 10.1 is stable and released. With reports that the uninstaller doesn't remove 10.1 betas, and that it crashes on certain sites, I'm not willing to play victim. Staying up to date isn't as simple as finding an application and clicking Search for Updates, so we have placed a Flash Version Check in the column of important links on the front page. 

I have messed with ClickToFlash for Safari and Flashblock for Firefox, finding them slightly frustrating to have to load it when a site comes up with something I might want to see...but it is small pain...then I try the next version of Flash until is locks up Safari and spins Firefox into using all my RAM, and hard disk and asks for a USB stick to consume as well.

Your milage may vary, but this foray into the coming HTML5 standard does me fine.

More as it happens, 

C J Flynn

PS—The newest Open Standards coming online with HTML5 are CSS3 and SVG (for web based vector graphics). For an interesting table, see; When Can I Use?

Want to see what SVG can do? SVG Edit

For seeing what HTML5 and CSS3 will mean for the future: The HTML5/CSS3 Cheatsheet


A Few Moments Sorting Quantum Entanglement

There's a clever bit on Quantum Entanglement in io9 this week:
As clever as the Esther Inglis-Arkell piece is, the comments are terrific for asking and answering that confusions that I'm sure most of us would have verbalized about this intriguing piece of physics as it approaches its border with philosophy.
Not to be missed are responses of a commenter named: Roklimber
To type more would distract you from hitting the link above. Perfect for lunch time reading.

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