Apr 23rd
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A source for information from the Societies and consultants...

Most Grand of Industry Event Calendars

The Calendar of Industry Events compiled by the Stiernberg Consulting Group gathers data from across the span of consumer/professional/film/video/audio industry events. It can be sorted by name and date, which ain't chopped liver even though it isn't rocket science.

Calendar of Industry Events — Stiernberg Consulting


3D@Home Content Creation Pushing Quality

Excellent 3D work is now hitting the big screen regularly, the latest being the exceptional Hugo. One imagines that eventually the circle of cognoscenti will Venn out of ...


HD & SD Standards for UK Broadcast Deliverables

If only there were a working group for the film festival and alternative contents world of DCinema, as there is now for HD and SD Standards for file delivery for UK Broad...

2012: The DCinema Year of...

So, is this the DCinema Year of Audio, or DCinema Year of Lasers or DCinema Year of Alternative Frame Rates?

The AES (Audio Engineering Society) has created a task force t...


Cloud Industry Forum Deals in Self-Certification

Self-Certification is a great concept, especially when it is modeled upon the premises described in ISO 9001.

They have an interesting model at:  Cloud Industry Forum - Sel...

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