Feb 27th
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A source for information from the Societies and consultants...

CineEurope Basics – Barcelona, 18-21 June

CineEurope 2012 will be held in Barcelona this year, not Amsterdam. ISE tried this twice, going to Brussels once, then Barcelona, just to avoid the inevitable of Amsterdam...expensive, gangly, but able to accommodate 100,000 people, Amsterdam. The dates are 18-21 June, with equipment exhibits on the last 3 days.

But CineEurope is not as huge as IBC or ISE, so perhaps a little corner of the El Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona will be just right.

We'll be updating this article frequently with links to sources of info. The first is a map of the public transportation of Barcelona. You can find the convention center at the Forum exit of the T5 Glories Line...which follows the end of the Diagonal if you are looking at a map map.

This site points out which public transport card to purchase:Barcelona Metro, Subway System, Barcelona Underground Guide

Monday thru Thursday, 18-21 June. Click for CineEurope Schedule of Events

The winner of the UNIC competition will be announced at the:

Operating in a Digital World – Digital Innovation Award (Room 112, Level 1)15.15–16.30

Mark de Quervain, Sales and Marketing Director, Vue Entertainment
Jan Runge, CEO, UNIC
Pete Buckingham, Kube Consulting

Digitizing cinema screens is part of a wider revolution in the way people find out about film content.

Growth in smartphone use and tailored ‘apps’ offer huge potential for better engagement with the cinema-going audience.

This session will see the culmination of a competition which invited software developers and others to put forward proposals for a cinema-related ‘app’. After a judging process, dozens of entrants have been reduced to a shortlist of three, who will explain their application and how it would benefit the sector. The convention audience will then have a chance to vote on the winner.

Disability and Access (Room 120, Level 1) 13.00-13.45

Cinema operators across the World are coming under increasing pressure to make their cinemas more accessible to disabled customers, particularly those with hearing or sight problems. In this session, some of the foremost companies offering equipment to deal with these issues will explain the potential that currently exists, and look ahead to future developments.Disability and Access

Clint Koch, Sales Director, USL, Inc
Chris Mullins, Product Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Europe
Herve Baujard, EMA Sales Director, Doremi Cinema
Moderator: Phil Clapp, CEO, UK Cinema Exhibitors’ Association


[Update]Pierce, Jerry, Award, CinemaCon

Jerry very graciously accepted the Ken Mason Award this morning, citing a love for the art form over the technology, citing an appreciation for the technologies ability t...


CinemaCon 2012 Schedule Online [Updated]

International Day and Kickoff Party on 23 April mark their usual spots, but there are some interesting panels on Monday, with some good speakers;


Digital Cinema 2.0: The ...

Network Training – BE

BE has listened to the masses and finds, Alors! it is a networked world?!?! It looks as if they have put together a great training program on networks for broadcasters. B...


Most Grand of Industry Event Calendars

The Calendar of Industry Events compiled by the Stiernberg Consulting Group gathers data from across the span of consumer/professional/film/video/audio industry events. I...

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