Feb 01st
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A source for information from the Societies and consultants...

[Update]Pierce, Jerry, Award, CinemaCon

Jerry very graciously accepted the Ken Mason Award this morning, citing a love for the art form over the technology, citing an appreciation for the technologies ability to give us the equivalent of an answer print 4 weeks into a movies run and citing the pleasure of receiving an award for something that "I love doing".

If he had thoughts of laying into the audience of exhibitors during this CinemaCon's opening day breakfast, they may have had the edges taken off by a previous award given by the Variety Children's Charity. Little Vegas-native Kevin Marinez was placed on a new $4,000 orthopedic "Specialized" Adaptive bicycle which will grow as he does...one result of the exhibitor's "Gold Heart Campaign".


CinemaCon 2012 Schedule Online [Updated]

International Day and Kickoff Party on 23 April mark their usual spots, but there are some interesting panels on Monday, with some good speakers;


Digital Cinema 2.0: The ...

Network Training – BE

BE has listened to the masses and finds, Alors! it is a networked world?!?! It looks as if they have put together a great training program on networks for broadcasters. B...


Most Grand of Industry Event Calendars

The Calendar of Industry Events compiled by the Stiernberg Consulting Group gathers data from across the span of consumer/professional/film/video/audio industry events. I...

3D@Home Content Creation Pushing Quality

Excellent 3D work is now hitting the big screen regularly, the latest being the exceptional Hugo. One imagines that eventually the circle of cognoscenti will Venn out of ...

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