Apr 01st
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Home Acquisition

Capture – with lens or microphone, perhaps moving electrons around with a stylus, or perhaps conversion from an analogue form.    Regardless, the beginning is acquisition.

Transition Rounding Errors

Times of transition bring out the iconoclasts and entrenched white papers and no end of forum discussions. In his latest Digital Content Producer article, D.W. Leitner cuts through the arguments with a paraphrase from James Carville: It’s the audience, stupid. He's going to Park City with the partner he brought to production, long GOP MPEG2, and he's sticking to his decision.

He makes an end-around to discussions that started years ago and are still going on in the forums; compression, long gop, is/is not 'good enough'. And why not? As he points out, A) He did the tests at the time, with the technology available, and B) the technology has gotten him the product he needed at the budget he had in a manner he considered painless compared to a previous headache project. In the process he mentions that the technology performed without dropouts during the recording phase, a comment that is mirrored in technical papers (albeit a Sony Broadcast document), as well as many forum comments - the post production phase also is easier and has fewer dropouts while handling more data than H.264 variations.

So, who is to knock it? Use what works.

Except – that we are in a transition that has moved startling fast – 1080i was defensible until 1080p showed up in every home for less than a 1,000 moneyunits, as well as multi-processor computers and the NLE software to support them. The testing has to keep repeating as each technology ripens. For example, Phillip Bloom makes an astounding presentation which doesn't once attempt defense, instead showing all the same ideals of cost and quality for camera technology that wouldn't have been discussed by movie pros 3 years ago (and then, only to disqualify.)

The good news is that the horrors of the unresolvable video delivery and presentation format wars didn't allow a merely ‘good enough’ standard to inhibit innovation the way that 16-bit audio became.


Proof in the Pudding where Red One is Concerned - Leitner

This year, in presenting Antichrist , the NYFF showcased some of the most beautiful footage ever to originate from a Red Digital Cinema Red One camera. To the lamentations of...


Conference for Visual Media Production - London/12-13 Nov

CVMP –  Conference for Visual Media Production - (12-13 November) aims to bring together the worlds of academic algorithmic research and post production to discuss new adva...


Mac ZFS is dead - Storage Mojo

PC file system progress took a giant step back this week with the news on MacOSforge that Apple’s ZFS project has been discontinued. Apple announced in June ‘08 that Snow L...



ASSIMILATE is announcing today at the REDucation Community Day in Los Angeles a new ROCKET FUEL bundle that includes an Nvidia Quadro FX3800 SDI board, RED’s RED Rocket c...


REDucation Returns to LA Center Studios

Premiering to a powerful and positive response in July, the second presentation of REDucation is set for October 12-18, 2009 at LA Center Studios in downtown Los Angeles. RE...


Sony SxS Pro Memory Card Update

Sony SxS Pro Memory Card Update

Answer is: < Sony Software Update Page for SxS Pro Memory Card – http://www.sony.ca/promedia/drivers.htm >

Question: How to save your mind while upgrading Final Cut Pr...

The MatrixStore Enhances P2 Experience - IBC PR

Object Matrix, a provider of data storage software, has today installed its MatrixStore product into the Panasonic P2 Live customer experience centre. Located in the hear...


Holly Shorts Winner Gets Red; Hayden Fun

Holly Shorts Winner Gets Red; Hayden Fun

Haydenfilms 4.0 Online Film Festival Awards Ceremony will be held during the HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles. Mark calendars for Friday, Aug. 7 at 7 p.m. at Laemm...

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Acquisition Videos


The Death of Silver Screens~! Vive la France

In May of 2002, the Attack of the Clones (Star Wars II) was released after a great effort by George Lucas. He encouraged cine...

3Questions: OpenDCP – Now with GUI

The dream of creating DCPs for local commercials and film festivals by artists using simple yet affordable tools just took a ...

Tripping Over the Laser Light – Fantastic~!

There needs to be some stage setting before getting to the post-play-out conversation of Christie's monumental effort of pres...

3Questions on HI/VI Issues – European Union of the Deaf

There are several groups who represent the varied and specific interests of the community of people with disabilities in...

Free International DCinema Business Directory...How To...

DCinemaTools.com is pleased to have added a free feature called The Business Directory. Free to use, free to enter. If a per...

Showbiz Podcast

There are many who know more about movie equipment than they do about all the fluff and glamor which pays for it all. Showbiz...

23 degrees...half the light. 3D What?

3D Luminance Issues—Photopic, barely. Mesopic, often. Scotopic? Who knows...?  We don't mean to be picking on the good ...

DCinema Projectionist and Tech Survey – November 2011

Hello; a friend is giving a presentation at Camera Image Conference at the end of November 2011. We would apprecia...

The State of Digital Cinema - April 2010 - Part Zero

This document is Part 0 of an multipart article that details with the basics of today's transition from film-based cinema to ...

The State of Digital Cinema - April 2010 Part Two

Part I of this series ended with generalities about where DCinema has been and how it got here. Since the series is written...

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  • 23 degrees...half the light. 3D What?

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